Triple Negative Breast Cancer Array

Our triple negative breast cancer (TNBC) array is finally available! Find out more details for product BRC964.

Tissue Arrays (TMAs)

Tissue arrays (also Tissue MicroArrays or TMAs) contain up to 1000 tissue samples per microscope slide, allowing high-throughput analysis of RNA, DNA or protein molecules in diseases, which is particularly useful in biomarker research and drug target validation. Our TMAs have included:

IHC Reagents

With rigorous IHC tests on our extensive tissue products, we have selected and optimized a number of antibodies and detection systems that work genuinely well on formalin-fixed & paraffin-embedded tissue sections. We can now provide these high quality IHC reagents to our customers and will guarantee immediate replacement, if any antibody does not work as described after using it with our detection systems and protocols.

Tissue Based Services

Pantomics was found by pathologists with extensive experiences in clinical, academic and industrial pathology, being heavily involved in the use of human/animal tissues and their derivatives in biomarker research and drug target validation. With our excellent laboratory facilities, we provide affordable services in: